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Requesting a read!

Hi everyone,

I'm the sort of reader who tends to stay within my comfort zone, but recently I've branched out a little and started reading more short stories. I really enjoyed 'Bread and Chocolate' by Phillippa Gregory, and 'Fragile Things' by Neil Gaiman (except it annoys me the last story in the collection is a sequel to 'American Gods', which I haven't read...)

I guess what I'm saying is that I took a chance and it worked out. Now I'm looking to try other genres I don't usually read. There is a crime festival in my town in a month's time, so I was looking for some good authors/books to ease me into that area. Also, I've heard a lot about steampunk, but I still don't completely get what it is. Does anyone have any good steampunk books that really epitomise the genre? Short story recs are also welcome :)

Sorry if recs aren't really what this community does... feel free to delete :) Thanks!
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